5 Minute High-Intensity Hotel Room Workout

5 Minute High-Intensity Hotel Room Workout

I found this cool and popular channel and figured what the heck? Who doesn’t want to know more about getting a muscle-toning workout right in the comfort of their hotel room?

This routine does include some really strenuous exercises that may not be advisable if you’re not as limber as Zuska is. Check out her channel for easier hotel workouts if you don’t think this one is for you — she has lots of short little videos on this subject.

Check out Zuska’s 5 minute hotel room workout and check out my suggestions for alternate exercises afterward, if you’re not quite fit enough to handle the intensity of this one just yet:

If y0u don’t work out very much, obviously you can modify the movements to suit your conditioning:

  • Do three knee-to-chest raises with each leg instead of the knee jumps.
  • Do regular or from-the-knees pushups instead of dive-bombers and one-legged dive-bombers.
  • Do regular lunges or squats instead of the jumping variety.

The key is to keep the intensity high for the entire five minutes — no rest unless you’re really out of shape or have health issues.

Afterward, go on with your day. Try to do this a few times a day if you can. This workout’s also suitable for an office, if your layout accommodates it.

Happy and safe travels!

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