Totally Epic and Hilarious “Must Watch” Tourists Fails!

Totally Epic and Hilarious “Must Watch” Tourists Fails!

I think this’ll be the very first comedy-reel I’ve ever posted for you guys, but it’s fun to keep in mind that traveling isn’t always a barrel-of-fun every day. Sometimes your Jeep will get rammed by a Rhino while out on safari, your parasail won’t always to in the direction you will it to and as you’ll soon learn, sometimes water boarding takes a little practise to master!

All I can say, is that while most of these were definitely hilarious, I would sure hate to be in a really hot country, where vehicles are known to frequently overheat, with a bloody Rhino charging the Jeep or that massive elephant chasing after my car. Did you notice how small that elephant made that compact look? Wowee wow, that’s a big animal!

Please, keep your head inside rickshaws. Especially if you’re traveling anywhere in the Middle East. Those drivers are some of the craziest in the world!

May fave: The parasailing fail at the start of the video. Purely epic and hilarious!











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