Everything You Need to Know About Cellphone Etiquette on Different Continents

Everything You Need to Know About Cellphone Etiquette on Different Continents

Hey, cellphone etiquette is important to know regardless of where you’re going. You don’t want to set off tourist alarms on the local subway or while you’re sitting in a restaurant. And you certainly don’t want to tick off a local who you befriended last night at a dance club or cultural event, right?

This infographic contains useful information for anyone who hasn’t traveled much outside their home country, or are planning to go somewhere they’ve never been. I’ll admit, as a North American I found several of these kind of comical.

Check this out and see if you find the same customs to be as strange as I do:

Overseas Phone Etiquette

For any of you who checked out the graphic for the American cell etiquette tips, you might be surprised that, despite what Hollyweird movies depict, people actually do say some form of “goodbye” at the end of a conversation rather than just dropping the call and going on with their business.

I lol’d at the Russian customs, which often lead Eastern-Bloc’ers being interpreted as rude by people who don’t understand their social phone graces.

How about getting a phone call from someone in Brazil, only to be asked who you are when you pick up the phone. I’d be worried that it was some jilted lover who got my number from their significant other’s contacts. Yikes!

Anyhow, those are what I found most interesting. What was yours?

Happy and safe travels!


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