Cool Travel Gear for Your Next Stay at a Foreign Hostel

Cool Travel Gear for Your Next Stay at a Foreign Hostel

Expert traveler Sonya Gil offers up some great travel gear picks for hostel-goers looking to keep their valuables safe and their bodies clean:

If you’ve done any sort of traveling in the past, outside the normal stay-at-a-hotel and lounge-on-the-beach kinda thing, you’ve probably fell victim to some sort of thievery.

I just loved the design of the Pacsafe back-pack. Obviously it’s not going to be terribly hard for a determined robber to break into it, the interior mesh and locking zipper design look boss and will make standing in line at a rail or bus station just a little more relaxing. The RFID blocker is a real bonus feature too. I checked out the pricing and it’s only $125 US — look them up if you’re in the market for a safer way to carry your stuff while on the road.

Definitely take Sonya’s advice and bring your own towel, sheets and flip flops. This kind of thing just goes without saying, even if you don’t have germophobic tendencies. You’re dirty, I’m dirty, we’re all dirty and disgusting flesh-eating bacteria do exist, don’t ya know?

If you have any further tips about staying in hostels — gear, forming relationships, getting the most out of your stay — please leave a quick comment so everyone can benefit from your experience.

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by mararie

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