Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations for 2015

Top 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations for 2015

There’s so much awesomeness in this list of cheapest worldwide travel destinations. You won’t find many mainstream European or North American destinations here, but there’s a great mix of¬†Southeast Asian, Eastern Bloc, and Middle Eastern destinations that are sure to please!

The 25 Cheapest Travel Destinations for 2015:

Note: These cities are rated according to the price of one night at a hostel, 3 meals, 2 rides on public transportation, 1 sight-seeing attraction, and 3 drinks. Obviously, larger families will want to adjust their budget according to family size and planned itinerary. For the solitary backpacker or budget-minded tourists that travel in small (adult) groups, the estimated price-per-day in any of these places is quite do-able. Keep in mind too, that there are lots of things to do for free in all of these locations.

1. Pokhara, Nepal: $16.61
2. Hanoi, Vietnam: $17.02
3. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Viet Nam: $17.34
4. Goa, India: $17.71
5. Kiev, Ukraine: $18.32
6. Kathmandu, Nepal: $18.84
7. Chiang Mai, Thailand: $19.21
8. Vientiane, Laos: $20.19
9. Delhi, India: $22.56
10. La Paz, Bolivia: $22.93
11. Quito, Ecuador: $23.15
12. Hoi An, Vietnam: $23.28
13. Luang Prabang, Laos: $23.47
14. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: $23.75
15. Bangkok, Thailand: $24.03
16. Bucharest, Romania: $24.80
17. Cairo, Egypt: $24.88
18. Colombo, Sri Lanka: $25.30
19. Jakarta, Indonesia: $25.32
20. Sofia, Bulgaria: $25.55
21. Yangon, Myanmar: $26.09
22. Mumbai, India: $26.27
23. Krakow, Poland: $26.76
24. Manila, Philippines: $27.19
25. Belgrade, Serbia: $27.87

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Where do you plan to visit this year? Will it be one of the 25 on this page, or somewhere completely different?

Happy and safe travels!


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