5 Things You Should Simply NOT Purchase When You Travel

5 Things You Should Simply NOT Purchase When You Travel

It’s tough showing restraint when you see something that looks or tastes awesome when traveling. The reality is that some of these items can be much more of a hassle than they’re worth:




1. Constantly buy things for other people:

It’ll cost you more in luggage expenses and can seriously slow you down. Get them a postcard instead!

2. Buy cheaply made, cheesy and expensive travel souvenir:

Seriously, how many freezer magnets from different countries do you really need.

3. Pick up country-specific clothing:

Had to laugh at Mark’s story about the Australian cowboy outfit being out-of-place anywhere but Oz. Think long and hard about just how sentimental you’ll be feeling when you have to look at that Lederhosen sitting in your closet.

4. Buy lots of bulky items:

Choose to ship things home if you really want an artifact or cool item that you really want.

5. Purchase perishable foods:

The Customs’ officials in your respective country will turn their nose up at you and demand you throw it out, potentially after doing a strip search on you for “contraband”.

Have any stories where you lugged something around for weeks, only to end up sticking it in the attic or throwing it out soon after you got home? Share them in the comments!

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by David Boté Estrada


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