Forget About Going to a College 100 Miles Away — Why Not Study Abroad?

Forget About Going to a College 100 Miles Away — Why Not Study Abroad?

It’s not too late to get yourself in line for a study abroad scholarship. Entry for September may already have passed, but how would it feel to be studying in Paris, Stockholm, The UK, Costa Rica — etc., by this time next year? Many study abroad programs offer intakes at the same time North American colleges and universities do (Sept, Jan, May), so if you’ve ever thought about doing it — do it!

I wanted to share these two collab videos by popular travel Vloggers “Hey Nadine” and the “Vagabrothers” from YouTube. In these two short videos, they share what they’ve learned about scholarships and other study abroad opportunities, both through experience and at the recent “White House Travel Vloggers Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship”:


Here’s another collab video (filmed presumably at the same time as the first) with the Vaga brothers and Hey Nadine, delving into some of the questions and concerns some students might have when making the decision to study in a foreign country:


Now a few of the silly objections to studying abroad that most, if not all, who embark on the journey will agonize over in the coming months:

  • It’s hard to say goodbye to family: I laughed at this comment, which is so true: “you couldn’t escape your family if you wanted to.  Trust us, we’ve tried.” So true and it’ll be hard, but you’ll quickly get used to it. I find the idea of leaving a beloved pet harder than parents and siblings — you can’t rationalize your departure to them.
  • Living in a foreign culture can be intimidating: Once you’re out of your comfort zone, you’ll quickly appreciate being away from the trappings of home.
  • I don’t want to lose progress towards my degree: So many schools have foreign campuses. Here’s a list of just a few, which is likely incomplete but I’ll post it just to get your juices flowing:
  • I have a job, and I can’t afford the lost income and extra cost of a study abroad program: They suggested talking to your boss and working something out. I say just take a chance! You’re only young once, and if you’re older you already know this!

Here’s a link to the blogpost the Vagabrothers promised, listing a ton of sources you can use to apply for scholarships and find out more about studying in a foreign country:

Studying abroad will give you whatever degree you’re working toward, and a degree in open-mindedness and living life to the fullest.

Happy and safe travels (and studies)!


Main image by Kristian Bjornard

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