50 Most Visited Travel Attractions Worldwide

50 Most Visited Travel Attractions Worldwide

I came across this cool travel graphic showing the top 50 tourist attractions around the world:

50 Top Tourist Attractions Worldwide

Personally, I was a little shocked to see so many North American destinations on the list. No shock that Las Vegas was #1, but to think that the top 9 were all in the U.S.? Interesting.

So many Disneyland parks around the globe too…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but very few of these 50 would make my list, though Sidney Opera House and Universal Studios can be found somewhere in the hundreds of places I still need to see at least once.

What’s your favorite? Which are high on your bucket list? Comment down below. Check out our Tours and Activities Finder Tool to plan your next vacation.

Happy and safe travels!


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