Top 10 Most Powerful Passports for World Travel

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports for World Travel

Here’s a list of the 10 most powerful international visas you can get, including the price in US dollars and the amount of time you must work in the country before applying for each:

1. Sweden: 174 Countries

A Swedish passport will run you $43.73 USD and they have the lowest work requirements on this list at just 1 hour of work needed before applying for an international Swedish passport.

2. Finland: 174 Countries

A Finnish passport is $57.79 USD. Plan to work anywhere in Finland for 5 hours before applying.

3. Germany: 174 Countries

At a cost of $70.20, a German passport is going to set you back a bit. In order to get a German passport, you’ll have to plan to put in 7 hours of work before sending in your application.

4. The United Kingdom: 174 Countries

A UK passport isn’t the cheapest passport on this list, but the price is steadily climbing at $114.02. The UK requires visa applicants to have worked for 11 hours in the country to apply successfully.

5. The United States: 174 Countries

A US passport is officially the most expensive of all passports in the top 10 at $139.01 USD, only bested out by Switzerland (ranked #19 of 20 top passports — source) who charges $174.94 for the privilege of owning one of their international passports. The US and Italy require the most amount of required hours of work needed before you can apply for one of their passports. The US requires applicants to have worked a minimum 19 hours (Italy is 23).

6. Denmark: 173 Countries

A Danish passport will cost you $101.53. Their work requirements are among the lowest anywhere, just 3 hours are required before applying for a Denmark passport.

7. Canada: 173 Countries

A Canuck passport costs just a little less than what the US charges at $137.45. You must work in Canada for 15 hours before you can apply to get one of their visas.

8. Spain: 172 Countries:

A Spanish passport is quite inexpensive, costing only $31.24 USD.  The Spanish government only requires that you work a minimum of 5 hours in the country before you can apply to get this visa.

9. Belgium: 172 Countries

A Belgian passport costs a little more, but still reasonable at $78.10. The government insists you must work 8 hours in the country before you apply.

10. The Netherlands: 172 Countries

A passport from the Netherlands is the final entry on this list. A passport from here will cost you $81.22 US. You can apply for one after working in the country for 8 hours or more.

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