42 Global Travel Etiquette Tips From Around the World

42 Global Travel Etiquette Tips From Around the World

It’s so important to understand the important cultural nuances and out-of-the-ordinary laws and rules that exist in different countries before embarking on each new journey to a new country.

Failing to observe and respect these rules and laws can lead to embarrassment, misunderstandings, failed friendships and even lengthy jail time!

Travel Donts

Lots of insights shared in the above graphic.

A couple that I found particularly surprising were the need to leave a small amount of food on your plate in the Ukraine, so as to avoid insulting your host. This practise could certainly lead to questions like “didn’t you like it?” in many other parts of the world.

Same with not being able to ask for salt and pepper with your meal in Portugal. Or the need to be late for dinner in Venezuela — fashionably late = on time?

Time to brush up on as much of these global etiquette differences pronto…

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by 2nd Infantry Division US Army




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