Dining Etiquette Tips for World Travelers

Dining Etiquette Tips for World Travelers

What’s considered as proper dining etiquette can vary considerably from one country to the next. Knowing what you can and can’t get away with is the key to being a great dinner guest regardless of where you find yourself eating tonight.

Dinner Table Tips for Travelers

I have to admit that the thrifty side of me sure wants to head off to France right about now. And with a big group of people, to the fanciest restaurant we can find! “Pay the entire bill or someone else will.” Can’t say I mind that little custom…

Be careful if traveling between India and China. Leaving food on your plate at one can lead to a direct insult, whereas it’s considered rude not to leave a morsel or two on your plate at the other.

How many of you have experience in being instructed how to arrange your chopsticks when not in use when dealing with Japanese culture?

Share your own etiquette tips in the comments.

Happy and safe travels!


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