Essential Cultural Mannerisms all Global Business Travelers Should Know

Essential Cultural Mannerisms all Global Business Travelers Should Know

Everything you do and say as a business traveler has the potential to disrupt relations between you and the foreign business associates you deal with.

Following, you’ll learn 35 etiquette tips that cover 35 different countries which you or someone you know may find yourself doing business in this year. Even if you don’t travel for business, knowing these cultural differences will help you fit in with the locals much better:

Global Business Travel Etiquette

As you can see, there are a lot of different rule changes to expect from one culture to the next.

If you’re American or from most parts of Europe, the whole idea of a “business lunch” may quickly go out the window if you’re doing business in a place like New Zealand where talking shop is frowned upon.

Trying to break the ice with a little humor around traditional German business people is likely to end in failure.

The Japanese culture is very much averse to people sticking their chopsticks straight up and down in rice because it resembles the ritual of burning incense at a funeral. I’ve always wondered just how many foreign business people actually commit this faux pas. Are you the type of person to to this? I’ve personally never even thought to jab my chopsticks in rice that way when leaving the table, etc.

I hope this helps some of you close a few more international deals this year.

Happy and safe business travels!


Main image by Tomer Gabel

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