Top 5 Mistakes the Majority of Travelers Make at Least Once

Top 5 Mistakes the Majority of Travelers Make at Least Once

As Sonya says repeatedly in this video “Why?” don’t people think ahead and end up getting stuck making these avoidable mistakes:

Sonya’s time, money and hassle-saving tips:


1. Print your ticket or email it to yourself

Or download the airline’s check in app. Why deal with the hassle of having to check in? It doesn’t make sense in this day and age.

2. Have a hard copy of your ticket “just in case”.

You never know when a big cloud is going to block out your data connection or the airports free (cheap) WiFi is going to let you down.

3. Overpacking

Goodness gracious folks! The Queen of England can pack whatever she pleases. For the rest of us it just costs money and back injuries.

4. Check visa requirements before you go

Know upfront whether you need a visa, how much time you need to have left on your passport before it expires. Do these things sooner rather than later! Nobody’s going to refund your fare just because you’re turned away in customs and sent home with your tail between your legs.

5. Can you afford to use your phone?

Plans have gotten a little less complicated, circa 2015, and it’s now possible to read your plan and get a clear idea as to whether you have good international calling and texting rates. Don’t wait til you come home to a whopping bill to find out you don’t have the right coverage.

Leave your own tips for avoiding common travel mistakes in the comments please!

Happy and safe travels!

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