Budgeting for The Ultimate Travel Experience

Budgeting for The Ultimate Travel Experience

Many people share the same dream of travelling the world and often people seek taking the opportunity to travel during university or once they have graduated and the stress of university and studying has settled.

Finding the money for travelling can be quite a daunting task but the advice frequently given by fellow travellers is that you could save forever and always feel that the time isn’t quite right so to just go for it and learn to budget and keep your finances as healthy as possible throughout travelling! You will always find a way to make it work if you really want it.

You may think that you need thousands of pounds in your bank account to fund your travel experience but making money on the move will help you gain life skills that you can use throughout your life and open doors for new experiences.

Earning whilst travelling

Whilst you are researching for your ultimate travel experience it is worth being clued up on where you can and can’t work and gain knowledge of jobs that you would be capable of doing and applying for any visa’s that you may need. This will allow you to understand where you will need to have a little more money to keep you going whilst you can’t work ready for when you can start working again.

If you are planning to travel Europe and you are a UK national, you do not need a permit to work anywhere in the EU. If you plan to travel worldwide then there are various countries that you will require a working visa.

Working in Australia for example requires a working visa and requests that you complete 3 months agricultural work before seeking any further work. This can include farming, planting and pruning fruits during winter months and picking a variety of fruits in the summer months.

Make sure you have all the required documentation before you set off on your travels, which will allow you to work abroad and hopefully earn a good amount of money to contribute to enjoying your travels. Remember balance is key; you want to be able to enjoy travelling still so avoid any stressful jobs. Farming allows you to work particular hours that will allow you to enjoy the remainder of your day away from work.

If you are really prepared and research the area well you could even work in a hotel or become a tour guide. Research a few agencies before setting off and get clued up on the country or city that you feel most passionate about. This will mean you will love going to work each time you are on the rota.

Set up a blog

Keeping a diary or a scrapbook is a fantastic way of building your memorabilia to look back on in later life but when you have limited space in your backpack, good intentions can often slip to save space. Consider turn your diary into a blog; that way people can follow you, keep up to date with your stories and experiences and even learn tips to help others with their travel experience. This is a great way for your family and friends to stay up to date with your journey without you having to call to check in on a regular basis.

You can even offer paid advertising space on your blog to help earn extra cash on your travels too! Many travellers have earned extra cash whilst travelling by blogging and even vlogging (video blogging) about their adventures and you could too.

Take lots of photo’s throughout your travels and if you invest in a professional camera such as a GoPro camera, you could even sell your photography to stock image sites such as Big-stock.

Finding accommodation

Accommodation can be easily found across the world and hostels are a great way of meeting fellow travellers and learning tips on where to go, what to see, where to stay and any good adventures that they highly recommend.

Accommodation can often be the cheapest part of your travel experience but if you would like a break from staying in hostels then why not exchange your time and labour for free or heavily discounted accommodation costs.

There are many websites on the internet that provide you with fantastic opportunities for house-sitting which means that you stay in a property whilst the owner is away which gives you free accommodation and often is paid too!

There are many ways and opportunities to make your travel experience less of a strain on the finances allowing you to experience each country the your visit to the full. Focus on your dream and research well before you travel – the more you research and plan the better your travel experience will be.

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