Taking a Break in Palo Alto – Interesting Places to Visit

Taking a Break in Palo Alto – Interesting Places to Visit

Just next door to the famed Silicon Valley where technology reigned supreme until just a few short years ago lies an amazing community, Palo Alto. Home to a great number of interesting places to visit, if you are looking for a warm vacation spot any time of the year, you just might want to stay at a unique boutique hotel for a bit of rest amid the hectic world of technology. You can take a look at NestPaloAlto.com to get a good upfront look at one of Palo Alto’s most innovative hotels. Then, branch out and explore some extremely interesting sights that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world.

Rodin Sculpture Garden

Here you will find an astonishingly large collection of Rodin sculptures, among the largest in number anywhere on earth. There are about 200 different works of art shown here at the Cantor Arts Center that never cease to amaze visitors because of the amazing creative genius behind the statues. One of the most famous Rodin sculptures on location is The Gates of Hell, which believe it or not took Rodin almost 20 years to complete! This one statue comprised a good deal of Rodin’s creative days and as such, is perhaps his most important work.

Hoover Tower

Hoover Tower, Stanford University

photo credit: David / Flickr

You will see that almost anywhere you visit in Palo Alto is centered on, or has something to do with, Stanford University. The Hoover Tower is an example of this as it was built in honor of the University’s 50th anniversary. Completed way back in 1941, the Hoover Tower is an attraction that draws locals and tourists alike. This 285 foot amazingly popular tower has become a landmark in Palo Alto and visitors are advised to at least spend some time on the tower looking out over the city.

Baylands Nature Preserve

Baylands Nature Preserve

photo credit: Sakuraboy / Flickr

With close to 2,000 acres of wildlife preserve, the Baylands Nature Preserve is a point of tranquility alongside the bustling technology of Palo Alto. Here you will find trails to hike along in what is the only true lingering marshland in the San Francisco Bay area. A great number of visitors come here on a bird watching vacation and some even feel that this is the best place to do that on the West Coast or even within the continental United States. Whether seeking to identify endangered species of birds or simply looking for a quiet place to do a bit of thinking, you will most definitely enjoy the Baylands Nature Preserve.


A house in the Professorville District

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

While literally every city, county or state has a nature preserve, few have something as interesting as Professorville. This portion of the city was designed and built by Stanford University professors who had enough input in the project to exemplify the whole concept of living a contemporary life that is intrinsic to life in Silicon Valley. Travelers marvel at the architectural innovations laid out by this group of professors and it is the subject of conversation for years to come.

Palo Alto may just put you in mind of technology, but that is not all this amazing California community has to offer. Get a feel for life in the Golden State while seeing some interesting sights that are part and parcel of what makes Palo Alto a hotbed of innovation. From glorious nature preserves to works of art, this is one area of California that is a must-see.

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