5 of the World’s Top Vegan Foodie Paradises

5 of the World’s Top Vegan Foodie Paradises

Vegetarians often feel left out of the mix when it comes time to travel the globe. While many of their friends are looking forward to eating as many meat-laden dishes as they can stomach, poor vegans can be left to feel like nobody out there is looking to fulfill their culinary desires.

Not so, according to the following list of 5 great vegetarian-accommodating world cities:

5. Chennai

Chennai, India isn’t really my favorite place to experience vegan cuisine. However, it’s a huge favorite with vegan travelers in general. This is due mostly to the fact that “The Detroit of South Asia” hosts a population that’s believed to be at least half vegan. Forget about finding a classy restaurant, pub, or diner to sit down in when visiting this place. Channai, like so many others in this area of the world, prides itself on street food known as “Chaat” (though not on sanitation standards, which is why it’s not a favorite of mine personally). Walk almost anywhere in the city and you’re sure to find something to stop the stomach rumblings: vegan curries, potato aloo, spiced corn, dosas, thalis, sambhar and chutneys.

4. Berlin

Yet another progressive capital city featuring some astounding vegan-friendly dishes to keep the hunger pangs at bay! Berlin, Germany, is the official host of Europe’s biggest vegan festival¬†held in Alexanderplatz square¬†every year in August. Berlin’s also the founding home of the world’s first vegan-only supermarket chain, Veganz. The Lucky Leek is the trendiest vegan stop in the city, however, you won’t be hard-pressed to find worth alternatives. The restaurant offers some of the most amazing vegan dishes in all of Europe. If you want a true restaurant dining experience, take advantage of their 5-course taster menu complemented by a wide selection of wine made to pair perfectly with their assortment of dishes which range from bite sized and tasty beetroot pancakes and fast summer rolls to the more sophisticated glass noodles and split-pea candies!

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3. Portland

Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States has been a closely guarded vegan getaway for years now. They’re highly progressive vegan restaurants and street vendors offer some of the most delicious meatless fare you’ll ever put in your mouth. The Bye and Bye pub should be the first stop on your list if you’re serious about dazzling your taste buds. They offer delicious dishes like spaghetti with vegan meatballs topped with their signature almond parm, salad baguettes, edamame, cashew cheese and bbq’d tofu. If you’re not busy in September, head down to the second annual Vegan Beer and Food Festival — the official date for this year has yet to be announced, but it sure was a hit in 2015!

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2. Toronto

Toronto, Canada is among the most culturally diverse cities on the planet, with several dedicated communities honoring European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures from all over. Considering the vegan dining opportunities offered by these worldly cultures, most visitors will be surprised to learn that the Hogtown Vegan, considered by many as the “only” vegan restaurant in the city, offers a vegan twist on comfort foods made popular in the southern United States. If you’re sick of the trendy fine dining experience, Hogtown is the place to go. They don’t take reservations and they don’t make fancily-plated dishes with garnish that isn’t meant to be eaten. The portions are large and offer everything you’ve come to expect from southern food in vegan form: mac & cheese, Reuben sammys, chicken & waffles (appropriately topped with Canadian maple syrup) and much more. Delicious!

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1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh and its neighbor in Scotland, Glasgow, are both welcome vegan travelers with open arms. This gorgeous city captured the mildly heralded title of PETA’s Most Vegan Friendly Global City last year. Over 20 vegan-only establishments dot the Scotland capital, with many other establishments offering plenty of vegan friendly fare. Though I’ve never tried it, I’ve been told the vegan haggis at Henderson’s is a dish to die for (certainly can’t imagine it being worse than the real thing!) David Bann is also a great place to sit down for an upscale vegan dining experience — the hazelnut stuffed ravioli is now as legendary as William Wallace himself throughout the foothills. There are plenty of other pubs and food trucks to choose from that offer no-meat food,

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