7 Reasons why Traveling via Eurail is Simply Better than a Plane

7 Reasons why Traveling via Eurail is Simply Better than a Plane

Eurail really puts you into the pulse of Europe.

Here’s 7 great reasons why:

7 Reasons Eurail is Best

1. Location: Train stations are mostly right in the downtown core of all major cities. Airports, for obvious noise and safety reasons, are not.

2. Access to smaller towns: You can’t get to serene places like Hallstatt, Austria by commercial plane! Worse, you might be flying right over really great countryside that you’d love to see more of. A train lets you watch the landscape as you travel and you can stop for a breath of fresh air for a day or two, then jump back on the train til you find another place that strikes your fancy.

3. More comfortable amenities: This really depends on which airline you’re comparing the trains with. On average, most Eurail train cars are modern, with lots of room for your legs and body.

4. Charge up at your seat: Most modern airlines offer the same benefit though.

5. Flexible departure times: This is the best convenience. Many airlines will in fact, fine you if you miss your flight and reimbursement is hard to come by, even with the best excuse for having missed your departure time. Trains? There’s always the next one!

6. All-round time saver: Even if you’ve never been, we’ve all seen people running after a departing train and jumping on just in the nick of time on European and Middle Eastern rail lines. Airports offer the time-sucking luxury of you having to show up early, check in, go through security, etc. What a hassle!

7. Less stressful travel: Even though you’re still moving really fast, there’s something to be said for being on the ground and not having to deal with turbulence. I find myself often feeling nostalgic when traveling via rail.

Bonus tip from the girls:

Budget planes seem like a better deal. And they are if your hotel is right beside the airport. Don’t forget to factor taxi and bus fares to and from the airports into the total cost.

Bonus tip from Chad:

Buses are also a super-cheap way to travel the Old World. Though they take longer to get around, you can get a 30 day Eurolines Pass in the low season for about half what it would cost for a 30 day Global Eurail Pass.

Happy and safe travels!


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